wholesale- terms & info
who does Island Cowgirl sell to?

We sell to brick & mortar stores, catalog companies & online stores. We do not sell to home parties, eBay stores & flea markets.


does Island Cowgirl have a catalog?

Our website is now our catalog as we feel we can better show each and every piece as well as lifestyle shots better than in print. We do occasionally have line sheets of our newest items. If you have any questions please call our studio at 714-963-6200.


this is my first order, where do I start?

You may order here:
Online: www.islandcowgirl.com
Order by email: info@islandcowgirl.com
Order by phone: 714-963-6200
Order by Pony Express: 1200 Clinton Street, Suite 35, Nashville, TN  37203


what are your minimums for orders and re-orders?

An opening order of $300 is required for all new accounts. All re-orders are $150 minimum. We ask that you please respect our minimums as it helps keep our wholesale prices low. Our minimums are very reasonable.  If we sell “onesies”...we consider that retail and not wholesale and also slows down our production schedule for everyone.

what is your lead time?

We aim to please and most wholesale orders ship within one week...sometimes sooner! We will send you a tracking number as soon as it ships.


can I get an exclusive in my area?

In order to obtain an exclusive we suggest that you carry our collection on a regular basis for at least 6 months to one year  to see how the brand will do for you first. After that time you may contact us to discuss exclusivity terms. We require a minimum purchase per quarter to obtain & maintain exclusivity.


what is Island Cowgirl made of?

Island Cowgirl Jewelry is made from lots of love, a lot of inspiration and a little bit of magic. We hand carve each original design in our studio right here in Nashville, TN. It is then cast using the ancient method of lost wax casting. Each piece is comprised of combination of sterling plated, silver filled or sterling silver components. We only use semi-precious stones and recycled metals.


what if something is backordered?

Good things come to those who wait! We sometimes run out of our most fabulous designs. All backorders will be noted on your invoice and will be shipped out as soon as possible. Island Cowgirl pays for any shipping charges on backorders. We will not cancel backorders unless requested.


where can I see your jewelry in person? what trade shows do you attend?

Well, you can always stop by our store in Nashville and say howdy. We love to see our retailers and always have time to chat. Our tradeshow schedule is varied so if you would like to know which shows we are attending in any given season it is best to call or email us.


how cute is your dog?

Oh, we knew you were going to ask this question. He is cute...unbearably cute. Traffic stopping cute. Although, I do catch him practicing in front of the mirror so he has become really, really good at it.


is the dog on your website a stuffed animal?

No, although many children think he is. He is a real dog actually. An Old English Sheepdog...and his name is Nigel...also known as Nigel-licious. He is part of the Island Cowgirl team. He is very proficient at tearing up boxes, stealing shoes and drawing customers into the store. Also, if your order was packed wrong...we always blame it on him.


what kind of horse is sunny-bunny?

Heather's horse is a Gypsy Vanner, originally brought over from Wales with his mom when he was only 5 months old. He is very handsome and he knows it...his one blue eye is a big hit with the ladies and he knows how to work it to get extra carrots.

The Gypsy Vanner is a small draft horse that was originally bred pull carts for Gypsys in Wales...so he is very broad and strong. Or as Heather puts it..."ten pounds of sugar in a five pound bag". We also think he is part Golden Retriever as he follows her around like a puppy dog. They are gentle, sweet & kind but will he will mug you for a carrot...so consider yourself warned.