We use 100% reclaimed harmony metals in all of our rings making them eco-friendly and conflict free.

18k Yellow Gold
  • This is my personal favorite. The higher karat and brushed satin finish gives it a regal, buttery soft glow.  18K yellow gold reminds me of buried treasure and lends an rich old world feel.  It is the one I chose for my own wedding ring.
18K Rose Gold
  • Has a lovely golden, peach tone which is subtle and dreamy. The higher karat makes it glow. This again is one of my favorite choices for a unique engagement ring.
14K Yellow Gold
  • Used in traditional jewelry and has a beautiful yellow luster. It is a bit more resilient than 18k gold and is the standard for fine jewelry in the U.S.
14K Rose Gold
  • Has a lovely rosy tone. Used quite a bit in vintage jewelry from the 1920's and gives a beautiful unconventional yet elegant look to your ring.
14K White Palladium Gold
  • This is a white gold that has been mixed with Palladium which is a noble metal and a member of the Platinum family. It is a silvery grey color with a beautiful, soft luster.
    The reason we go with 14K in a white metal is that if the gold content is too high, as in 18K, the white takes on a dingy yellow tone. Remember, gold is yellow not white. The only way to get a white tone is to mix it with another alloy. In this case we prefer Palladium. It is all about getting the perfect color to showcase your stone.
  • We feel that 14K White Palladium gold is superior as it does not require plating or have the high risk of nickel allergies like traditional 14K white gold. We do not rhodium plate any of our rings. We think that gold is beautiful on its own and we believe in leaving it natural. If you desire the bright white rhodium plating look, you may always have it plated later by a local jeweler. Please be aware that this usually requires replating every six months or so.