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You’ve read what we have to say about our jewelry, now read what our customers have to say!  Want to share the Island Cowgirl love? Send us an email at and let us know what you think of our jewelry!

 I only have one piece of your jewelry, a single heart-key on a thick sterling silver chain. I bought it when I was 19 years old in Virginia, I am now 25. It has been around my neck since the day I left the store with it. It has been off only one time, for the birth of my daughter. I cannot go anywhere with out getting a compliment or being asked who the artist is or what store I purchased it from. I look forward to the day when I can buy my daughter a similar piece of your work just as soon as she is big enough for jewelry. Thank you for your beautiful work.  ~MM


I have been in love with your work since the first time I saw it at a small boutique here in my hometown... I still remember the first piece I saw.. The "not all who wander are lost" bracelet.. That was a few years ago, and ever since, I have been hooked. I have never seen jewelry that matched my style and personality the way yours does.. I love all of it. I am a deputy, so I can't afford to buy the pieces I want, when I want to, but recently, I worked an overtime shift and bought my first piece and I swear, I checked the mail everyday hoping it would be there! I have never been so excited about getting something in my life! The hardest part was deciding which one I wanted to get when I realized I could afford something. I decided to get the "invincible summer" bracelet and it came in the mail today! I don't know if you get these messages, but I hope you do. I wanted to let you know how special your work is, and how much I love my bracelet! Thank you so much! I can't wait to expand my Island Cowgirl collection! ~SM


We are from Vancouver Island-Nanaimo B.C. and on our recent travels through Huntington Beach we discovered your store and WOW-great job!The jewelry is amazing and so fun.We bought gifts for everyone.Cheers  ~future followers


Dear Island Cowgirls, I recently ordered 3 of the Triple Love Rings.  One for each of my daughters as a birthday gift and one for me.   I needed to exchange 1 ring for a different size.  I just wanted to thank you for making the exchange so easy.  Now my daughters and I all wear the same ring.  You made it even easier by shipping it directly to her in Aurora, Colorado and I live in Indiana. I love your jewelry and appreciate the way you do business.  I'll order again soon. ~CL 


  I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that I received the bracelet I sent to you to be repaired…so happy to have it back!  Thank you so much!


And, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for including a little something extra….I love the earrings.  That was an unexpected surprise and I am thrilled to have them! You are awesome!!  ~SD


Quick thank you for the personal attention and really nice note. My necklace arrived today and  LOVE it! I actually have my own very small business: beaded memory wire bracelets where I hand punch and metal stamp inspirational messages onto charms called Dragonfly Inspirations; I HAD to have your earrings (your ring is next;)...anyway, I wear your fun pieces to inspire me in my custom creations for others;) Photo attached of your pieces;) I love your pieces so much, I promote you on my blog and Facebook page:)


Thank you again, can't wait for my next Island Cowgirl purchase! ~SV


Bought a bracelet for my supervisor as a moving on gift and a ring for myself (I tend to gift give that way. One for you and one for me,). My supervisor cried because she loves butterflies and it was one of your bracelets. Got the heart ring for myself. Love it!  I am hooked! Just bought two more items. Yay! Thank you, ~KM


I would love to win my wish list!!!  About a year and half ago, i went through a divorce.  i have several pieces of island cowgirl jewelry but wanted a bracelet that had believe on it.  So I ordered it from a small store here in town.  I had forgotten all about it and they didn't even know that it was available.  Right after all this hit me in the face, the lady from the store called one afternoon and said my bracelet was in.  I went to get it and was soooo excited!!  It was the all silver one with the hinges in the middle.  I wore it every day and did not take it off.  It was my own special "you can do this" bracelet.  At a football game this fall, the bracelet fell off and I never found it.  I was so upset.  It is on my wishlist.  I have several other pieces of your jewelry that I treasure like the bracelet.  Hopefully one day I will be able to have all the whole wishlist!!!  ~DF


Hi Heather, am so excited for this bracelet.  I have two already, and they are amazing...I am hoping to have this before Friday the 7th,,,,,,,,keeping my fingers crossed, this is a going away present......and the party is Friday!!  ~SJ


We have given quite a few of the pieces as gifts and can't tell you how thrilled each family membe and friend was!!  I have a few pieces that I have kept, which have inspired me while travelling down some bumpy roads, Sometimes we forget to hold onto that inspiration, but whether words are wrapped around a wrist, a finger or hanging close to ones heart we are reminded each day by seeing the words to keep going, keep the faith and never give in!  Life is too precious a gift and we keep others filled with life as well!!!  So, anyway ... enough about me and spreading inspiration artistically. ~KG


I work part time at Petco.  Last night a customer came through my register with your bone ring on, and I loved in on sight!  I asked her where she got it, and she took the time to search through her purse for your website for me.  I just checked out your rings, and am definitely going to get that bone ring for myself.  It will either be a Christmas present to me, or a birthday present in February.  Just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I enjoyed looking at your work.  ~KS


I received my order and love the pieces.  Thanks for the extra touches with the packaging.  It is lovely. ~JG


Thank you so much!! I really appreciate you shipping to Australia for me!! Your jewelry is amazing :)


I will definitely get the courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway bracelet and ill have a look through all your other pieces and pick something for my cousin too!!


Heather, I just got my bracelet and I absolutely love it! I have been looking for just the perfect anchor bracelet for almost a year. So many of them are ordinary, too nautical, or just too big for my arm. The Anchor reminds me daily that I am not in control and through my faith I have a very solid anchor to depend on. Believe me, it's a daily struggle! ;)  So something artistic and cool like this is perfect. Thank you.  ~PC


Omg omg love love it. thank you so much. my sister went nuts. Thanks  ~LS


My sister just gave me the "protect this cowgirl" bracelet as a gift. I love it!   2 years ago I suffered a tramatic brain injury. I was riding my horse without a helmet and he spooked real bad over some dogs running up on him. Needless to say I had to find a good home for him while I recovered. I still love horses and dogs more than anything in this world, nothing will ever change that! Just wanted to say I love all your jewelry, it is so unique. I am going to keep on riding and having a good luck charm makes me feel safer!  Thanks! ~TB


I just wanted to tell you how wonderful and inspiring your jewelry is! Fresh designs, with a touch of whimsy, very cute! You have a blessed day!  ~KG


Repeat shopper! Love your jewelry!! Another gift order! Keep the doggie jewelry coming!!!  ~KK


I’m an appreciative client from Québec, Canada, and I just received my soon-to-be favourite Garden of Love bracelet.  Love, love, love it.  It looks even better than its picture!  Beautifully rendered, easy to wear, and perfect from every angle considering the back of every charm and dangle is also decorated with a cute saying or design.  There’s so much to enjoy and ooh over.  I really appreciate its originality and quality and will be back for more lovely stuff.  Many thanks!  ~IW


I just received my order! Thank you for not only being so efficient & always shipping my orders out so promptly...but also for always packaging my jewelry up so adorably! You have a lifetime fan. Thank you!   ~LW


I live in Irvine and visit Huntington Beach often and when I came across your store for the first time last year I got this awesome wrap around ring that you made (the corset ring) and ever since I got it I have not taken it off apart from when I go to bed and wash my hands. I have gotten several gifts for my family members as well. I got my little sister the Protect this Cowgirl bracelet and the double horseshoe ring. I got my twin sister some of the stacking rings and my mom the be true to yourself necklace. I plan on getting more of your jewelry in the future because it speaks to my personality and they are creative. I have gotten so many compliments on my ring and I thank you for your awesome and amazing gift


Repeat offender-lol Love you guys! ~KM


Happy Return Customer! ~ JW


Went to visit family in San Clemente, CA. and returned with two bracelets, a ring and all of my family members have a bracelet now! (Which is 8 sisters & cousins!) Everyone in London comments on my fabulous corset ring!


I have 11 of your designs that my husband has purchased for me, our daugher and daugher-in-law. Now these are for my goddaughter for her 16th birthday and confirmation! Love them!!!


Long time customer. I love all your art Heather. Thanks. I'm buying this as a gift to myself for my 50th birthday :) DS


I purchased your "I love my dawg" bracelet from the ASPCA website and I never take it off. I love it. I recently lost my dog Ruby and I think this bracelet is a beautiful reminder of her love...and my love for her. Thank You :) ~KD


I first heard about you in the back of a magazine I purchase...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your jewelry!! It speaks to my soul (=  ~TT


I LOVE the Love Ring...reminds me of one my dad gave me as a little girl, and I lost in the ocean. I am going to have to get me on! ~ DL


Just received my Fly High Butterfly necklace. I love it!!! :) ~ KB


Oh! My goodness!! You guys are the best!! Hearts are my all time fave...also like your leather bracelets. I mostly LOVE everything you do! Thank you so much!!~ WM


Just received the necklace...loved it. I think my daughter, whom the necklace is for, will really enjoy it. Neat! Thank You! ~ DK


I have a lot of her stuff and it just is amazing...nothing like it anywhere. Anytime I wear it someoneone asks me about her stuff!!! You just have to get some! You will absolutely Love It! ~KWF


I LOVE your store, there is so much to see and the sales girls are very helpful! ~B.D.


I have your "i love my dawg" and "love has paws" bracelets. I recently lost my beloved dog. Your bracelets are wonderful reminders of what a treasure she is to me/. I can look down, touch them and feel her right next to me. Thank you for making such wonderful pieces that so eloquently honor our furry friends!!! ~K.D


I LOVE your things and have been buying them for several years now! ~KSK


I purchased your "I love my dawg" bracelet and I never take it off. I love it. I recently lost my dog Ruby and the bracelet is a beautuful reminder of her love and my love for her. Thank You :) ~KD   


I got my silver ‘Blob’ ring yesterday---love it! :)     ~KB


I begged my hubby to get me one of the limited edition necklaces for xmas (the salmon one) and I cannot wait to get it! they are all so beautiful it was a hard choice!     ~A.T.


Beautiful! I got your cross my heart necklace yesterday as a gift and I love it! I have been buying your jewelry as gifts but this is the first piece I get to keep! So excited!    ~Kathy E.


Oh, I love this stuff..I have a cool cool charm bracelet, from years ago, think I will wear it today! Love these, so so pretty.    ~Patti M.


I purchased the Spectacular Champagne Druzy on Saturday at the HB store. I think I need a blue Druzy too. :) I love , Love LOVE these ! ♥      ~Helen J.


I'm headed to San Diego for a big race, the only jewelry I will be wearing will be Island Cowgirl!    ~B.D.


I received my long peace sign ring in the mail today and LOVE it!!! I will totally be ordering again in the future!!      ~L.K.


I just received my 3rd pair of earrings from Island Cowgirl! Love their jewelry!!    ~Julie N.


LOVE your jewelry    ~L.H.


Great Website, Facebook Page & Catalog ! ! ! ! The Vagabond necklaces are beautiful!   ~Shelley N.


I will have to buy myself something for Christmas just to have the experience. How fun. I love the jewelry so it will be a pleasure to pick my "gift" for Christmas. Thank you for sharing your creativity and love you put into your jewelry. It will be my pleasure to wear it.     ~S.T.


My special someone bought that ring for me close to two years ago and I literally love it and feel it says a lot to so many by wearing it, feel as though I "spread the love" to so many by wearing it!!    ~K.G.


LOVe, LOVE LOVE! I have bought two pieces of Island Cowgirl for someone else. I think it is time for me to have this and the dragonfly necklace :)    ~K.E.